Shenzhen Speed Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the professional manufacturers who is specialized in developing, producing and marketing financial equipments. We SPEED is the National High-Tech enterprise, the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology software enterprise, and the accredited enterprise who is adopting International Standard product. Our quality management system has passed ISO9001:2008 accreditation, also we have got certifications like CQC, CE, KC and IEC. SPEED mainly engaged in banking equipments, including Coin Sorting machine, Coin Counting machine, Vacuum Banknote Counting machine, Propaganda Against Counterfeit currency equipment, Image Observation Instrument, and other products' manufacturing and marketing. SPEED is also a member of the Shenzhen Association of Anti-counterfeiting. SPEED has the whole synthesis strength and ability in development, production, technical support, quality assurance, product marketing and after-sales service. To satisfy customers' best requirements, SPEED continuously improves the manufacturing process to make the machine performance to be more perfect, the quality to be more stable and reliable. SPEED has been accumulating rich experience in operation and maintenance, we sincerely provide professional after-sales service and comprehensive technical support. SPEED has been dedicated to serving domestic and overseas financial industries, products have been exported to over 40 countries and districts. SPEED has become one of the global famous financial equipment manufacturers. Aiming at the rampant crime, SPEED together with the People's Bank of China, the Ministry of Public Security, CBPMC held Anti-Counterfeit Note Training repeatedly, offered trainings to PBOC REGIONAL BRANCHES, Commercial Banks and many other inland financial institutions, and received warm response and high praise from all quarter of society.


深圳速度科技有限公司是一家开发、生产、销售现金处理设备的专业性公司。公司是国家高新技术企业、国家工业信息化部软件企业和采用国际标准产品认可企业。公司通过中国CQC认证、欧盟CE认证、韩国KC认证、国际IEC安全认证和ISO9001:2008质量管理体系认证。SPEED主要从事银行设备,包括硬币高速清分机、硬币高速清点机、复点机、反假货币宣传工作站、图像观察仪等产品的制造和销售。SPEED是深圳市防伪协会会员单位。SPEED现已具备了产品开发、整机生产、技术支持、质量保证、产品销售、售后服务等方面的整体综合实力。为了满足金融客户对现金处理设备的要求,SPEED 不断改进制造工艺,让机器性能更加完美,质量更加稳定可靠。


PD925 硬币高速清点机 High Speed Coin Counter
FDJ-100 双显示台式复点机 Vacuum Counter
FDJ-116 双显示复点机 Vacuum Counter
FDJ-126 双显示复点机 Vacuum Counter
FDJ-136吸尘自动门双显示复点机 Vacuum Counter
FDJ-166吸尘自动门双显示复点机 Vacuum Counter
ZX06 反假货币宣传工作站 Propaganda Against Counterfeit Currency Equipment
JBYD-S2800(A) 清分机 Currency Counter
JBYD-S1600(A) A类人民币点钞机 Currency Counter
JBYD-CF1017(B) B类人民币点钞机 Currency Counter
JBYD-S3100(B)B类人民币点钞机 Currency Counter
SPEED-2000 装订机 Tube Binding Machine
SPEED 1200 多国货币点钞机 Multi-currency Banknote Discriminator
SPEED 300A 多国货币鉴别仪 Multi-currency Detector
SPEED KKJ-100 捆钞机 Currency Strapping Machine
SPEED 338 扎把机 Cash Binding Machine
LPC-2RC硬币包装机(劳雷尔) LPC-2RC Coin Wrapping Machine(Laurel)
CVR-100U 身份证阅读器 National ID Reader
W信号验钞笔 Money Detector Pen
紫光灯 UV Lamp
捆钞带 Strapping Belt
捆钞带(台湾) Strapping Belt(Taiwan)
扎把纸 Banding Tape
扎把纸(台湾) Banding Tape(Taiwan)
扎钞纸 Note Banding Tape
装订管 Binding Tube
票据真空包装袋 Vacuum Notes Paking Bag
装订机垫片 Binding Machine Gaskets
装订机钻头 Binding Machine Drill Bit
装订钻头(日本) Binding Machine Drill Bit(Japan)
练功券 Training Notes
捆残钞麻绳 Binding Hempen Rope For Multitated Banknotes
深圳速度科技有限公司 Shenzhen Speed Technology Co.,Ltd.


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